Real Fair Atmosphere

Virtual fairs, which bring the physical fair atmosphere to the digital environment, allow both participating institutions and visitors to have a real fair experience.

Live Chat & Video

Video and written talks in live digital environment allow you to make an accurate evaluation after the fair and get effective results from these interviews.


Our user-friendly fairs which can be accessed via computer, tablet or phone can be easily managed and visited over the internet.

Sponsorship Areas

During the fair, it can be developed and marketed according to your location and preferences such as curtain dressing, pop up, billboard, sailing flag, bus dressing.

Modern Technology

We provide technological solutions by combining classical concept of fair with today’s modern technology and with continuous improvements.

Detailed Reporting

Statistical reports such as the number of visitors participating in the fair shared at the end of the fair, demographic information,provide details about the visitors and shed light on the next steps of the companies.

Live Support

Live support service is provided from your online fair decision until the end of the fair, including fair organization phase and during the fair.

Visitors Data

Thanks to your visitor information recorded in online fairs, you reduce the loss of visitor communication at physical fairs to zero.

Unlimited Visitors

Thanks to the strong infrastructure of our system, our system is able to provide services to unlimited simultaneous visitors without the need for any development or intervention.

Low Costs

On online platforms, you can avoid high-cost expenses such as accommodation and transportation caused by physical fairs.


You Have Fairs At Your Hands Now

Our online fairs can be easily managed by organizing and participating institutions over the internet in home, office, cafe or travel. Almost everything that is presented and realized at physical fairs, and even more, can be run and experienced online.

No Loss of Time and Finance

Thanks to online fairs, organizing and participating institutions get rid of high costs such as transportation and organization caused by classical trade fairs and the loss of time in this process.

Accessible from All Devices and Browsers

Our online fairs with advanced technological infrastructure can be connected via phone, computer or tablet via all browsers and operating systems.

Reach Your Target Audience Easier

You can bring together a wide range of audiences at online fairs that remove physical barriers. Compared to physical fairs, online fairs are demanded by more people due to eliminated time and transportation barriers for both participating institutions and visitors.

Thanks to our mobile application we are developing, you will soon be able to enter all our fairs with a single click.

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